Nowadays VIDEO STREAMING has become very popular among the people of all age groups.But still there are a lot of people who still who are comfortable in viewing videos present in their video files on their phones.So,I have brought some of the top VIDEO PLAYER APPLICATIONS for you which can help you in playing the videos of ANDROID MOBILE PHONE’S VIDEO FILES.Some of them can even help you in playing videos from your CLOUD STORAGE.

Here are some top video player apps for your Android Mobile Phones.


AllCast is a video player which had faced a bit bad start,but now has become one of the most stable video player or casting apps.It supports not only videos but other types of medias too.It can be downloaded and installed through GOOGLE PLAY STORE in two versions.One is the FREE VERSION which has five minute limit.And another one is the PAID VERSION which has no limitations and is available in $4.99 on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Also have a look at saavn pro apk for download music for your phone. You can also convert your ANDROID DEVICE into an ALLCAST RECEIVER with the help of an ALLCAST RECEIVER APP.Through this app you can also send your the contents which have been locally stored by you to your APPLE TV,CHROMECAST,ROKU,and so forth.


LocalCast is a VIDEO PLAYER APP which is almost similar to the ALLCAST VIDEO PLAYER APP.The major difference is that it allows video streaming from CLOUD STORAGE OR GOOGLE DRIVE DROPBOX too.It also has CODECS that Chromecast supports.It can be downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY STORE IN TWO VERSIONS.One is the FREE VERSION and another one is the PAID VERSION which is available in about $21.30 on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

MX Player

MX Player,It is the most popular and downloaded video player on the market application such as Google Play Store It is available for free there and it is easy to use as it is user friendly It has many features as it supports many formats of the video which makes it more useful for watching the High Definition videos for the user. It was the first software which includes the HW Decoder, HW+ Decoder and SW Decoder. It allows the user to pinch to zoom for increasing the size of the videos in the device .

It supports the Subtitles of the videos and children can watch their favourite videos of cartoon. It has various other options in the application you can share your videos on different platforms you just need to hold the video and you can share it on various platforms.

VLC Player

VLC player, It is the best and popular video player among the android smartphone users. It provides the different feature to the user on the single application The Duser can play the Videos, even if they have video URL . It has the feature for playing the videos of other formats like DVD ISOs. The user have the option to download and try the beta version of VLC player for other new features The user can play the Videos, Listen to Audios They can even check the played video history in VLC Player. It has the inbuilt codes which plays great role for making this application user friendly. It can be download and install in free of cost on Google Play Store.

Video Player All Formats

Videos Player All Formats, it is one of the player which has been over 5 millions of download and it is available in free of cost on Google Play Store. It supports all the formats of the videos  which includes Mp4,Avi,3gp,Ts,and many more. Which helps the user to play and enjoy the video in their android smartphone. It allows the user to play the 4k formats videos and Ultra Hd Videos in the smartphone of user. The user can easily manage and share the videos with this application. The user can keep their videos safe in the private folder. As it have some advertisements in the application but to get rid of them the user can pay the amount of $3.99 USd in prime membership.