Clash Of Clans Apk Pure Wed, 12 Dec 2018 08:12:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to use Stickers on GB WhatsApp Wed, 12 Dec 2018 08:12:32 +0000 There are various types of WhatsApp Messenger available for Android devices in the market. This WhatsApp is a modified version of the actual WhatsApp. We will talk about GB WhatsApp and its various features for Android devices in this article. There is a new feature available in both official versions of the WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

In this article, we will talk about how to use stickers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Sticker sending is a new feature available for all the WhatsApp users around the globe. GB WhatsApp gives you extra privacy and security features along with customization and tweaks for Android devices. Go to the guide section of how to use the stickers in GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Key features of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

These are the important features of GB WhatsApp for Android devices. read the features carefully before downloading the GB WhatsApp in your Android devices.

  • Ability to block call and video call in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  • Ability to hide WhatsApp chats and protected by the pattern lock in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  • Ability to read delete messages by enabling anti to revoke feature in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  • Apply various themes in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Download GBWhatsApp

Guide to using stickers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

use this following guide to use the stickers in GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Stickers are a new addition to the WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices. This feature is basically available in most of the Other messaging apps and recently introduced to the WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices.

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp from the app list of your Android devices by tapping on the app icon.
  2. After the GB WhatsApp open up, go to any of the chat inboxes to whom you want to send the stickers.
  3. Now tap on the emoji icon on the chatbox, emoji icon looks like a smiley icon just where you type to send the messages.

  1. Now just below of the emoji box, you will get to see a sticker I can just beside the gif option.

  1. Once you open the sticker icon, you’ll get to see the few types of stickers in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  2. To add more stickers in GB WhatsApp, download sticker packs from Google Play Store.

  1. Those sticker gates added into the GB WhatsApp sticker gallery for Android devices.

Final words:

We have researched about the various new and upcoming features of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. We have also provided the complete guide to use the sticker feature in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. There is various extra privacy and security feature along with customization and tweaks available in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp and Android users, so that they can also use these amazing features in their GB WhatsApp for Android devices.


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WhatsApp Shayari for WhatsApp Download Fri, 21 Sep 2018 08:06:38 +0000 The true love is a most beautiful thing in this word. True lovers love each other very much and they find that their partner will always happy and love him. They want to share their emotions and feeling with each other to show their love via Love Shayari or love SMS. So our Website present love Shayari,

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हमारी आँखों में बेसुमार आँसू है, फिर भी हम मुस्कराते है।
हम क्यों बताए दुनिया को अपने दिल का हाल
हम अपना गम अपने दिल में छुपाते रहते हैं।

वो कहते हैं कि तुम मुझे दिल से निकाल दो,
जिस्म से रुह को निकाल पाना,
आसान नहीं बहुत मुश्किल है।
उनके बिना हमारा जीना नमुमकिन है।

क्या हुआ जो आप हम से दूर है।
आप की दूरी में भी अजब सा सरूर है।
हम आपको दिल का हाल सुना नहीं सकते
हम हलातों के आगे मजबूर है।

ना समझा उसने मुझे अपनी,
मुझे इस बात का गम नहीं, मुझे गैर भी ना समझ पाया
यह बातें सोचकर मेरी आंखों में बहते आंसू हुए कम नहीं।

जिन्दगी में ऐसे मकाम आ जाते हैं,
जिन्हें हम अपना कहते हैं वो बेगाने हो जाते है
सब कुछ जानते हुए भी, कुछ लोग अनजाने हो जाते हैं।

आपका हर एक सितम मुझे प्यारा है
अपना इक-इक लम्हा आपका नाम लेकर गुजारा है
आपका ना सही, आप की यादो का हमें सहारा है |

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Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Activa Cng Cost in India Is Wrong and What You Should Know Mon, 27 Aug 2018 07:51:46 +0000 The Truth About Activa Cng Cost in India

So far as maintenance costs are involved, the business claims that the CNG Activa equipped scooters want to adhere to precisely the same service intervals as its petrol derivative. Spiralling petrol and diesel costs are sufficient to convince car proprietors to find a CNG kit. Honda Activa CNG Price will be contingent on the kit you’re going to purchase. To accomplish this, as a very first step, the price of batteries of EVs want to be substantially reduced. High expense is 1 thing that must be taken care of, while purchasing natural gas cars. On the flip side, you should pay high installation cost at the beginning followed by regular maintenance expenses as well as a growth in car insurance policy premium.

CNG-powered vehicles have existed for a while now, with a few manufactures offering conversion kits right from the factory, and several more aftermarket options too. Nevertheless, new three-wheeler industrial goods vehicles also need to run on CNG. Even if your vehicle is compatible, you will further require approval from the government to find a CNG kit. If you’re the first-time car buyer then I would recommend you to with the Maruti Alto K10 car because it’s the respectable, functional and affordable model.

Get the Scoop on Activa Cng Cost in India Before You’re Too Late

Diesel is less expensive than petrol but petrol cars are less costly than diesel ones. Natural gas needs to be compressed before it can be put to use as a fuel. It is one of the most available fossil fuels. If you crash out of pure gas, odds are that the nearest station will be a number of miles away.

The Pain of Activa Cng Cost in India

CNG contributes to a very low efficiency in the operation of the vehicle. CNG was already being used in neighbouring Pakistan, with over 500’000 vehicles, of which a vast majority of automobiles, and several other nations, notably Argentina. CNG was a neighborhood energy that was considerably less expensive than gasoline. Therefore, CNG is a feasible option on a lengthy run whenever you have loads of years left with your car to take total benefit of it. CNG is among the absolute most environment-friendly fuels when compared with conventional fuels because it doesn’t have any impurities like sulphur or lead and is safe because it’s lighter than air and rises up in case of leakage. 1 kg CNG enables you to travel 120 km and the cost of the exact same is 37.

The kits are very much like the ones found on cars, and enable you to choose between both CNG and petrol alternatives. All the kits that’ll be sold shall be accepted by the ARAI itself. Not Available Easily If you’re planning to find a CNG kit for your automobile, it is recommended to re-fill your tank regularly because every filling station doesn’t offer CNG.

The plan of CNG cars does not permit engineers to have a little storage tank, and a large one is not so conducive. You can select the design to save on gas and receive the ideal mileage. On a consumer specification design however, it is going to be hard to understand the precise same.

Top Video Player Apps for Android Fri, 16 Feb 2018 06:15:13 +0000     

Nowadays VIDEO STREAMING has become very popular among the people of all age groups.But still there are a lot of people who still who are comfortable in viewing videos present in their video files on their phones.So,I have brought some of the top VIDEO PLAYER APPLICATIONS for you which can help you in playing the videos of ANDROID MOBILE PHONE’S VIDEO FILES.Some of them can even help you in playing videos from your CLOUD STORAGE.

Here are some top video player apps for your Android Mobile Phones.


AllCast is a video player which had faced a bit bad start,but now has become one of the most stable video player or casting apps.It supports not only videos but other types of medias too.It can be downloaded and installed through GOOGLE PLAY STORE in two versions.One is the FREE VERSION which has five minute limit.And another one is the PAID VERSION which has no limitations and is available in $4.99 on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Also have a look at saavn pro apk for download music for your phone. You can also convert your ANDROID DEVICE into an ALLCAST RECEIVER with the help of an ALLCAST RECEIVER APP.Through this app you can also send your the contents which have been locally stored by you to your APPLE TV,CHROMECAST,ROKU,and so forth.


LocalCast is a VIDEO PLAYER APP which is almost similar to the ALLCAST VIDEO PLAYER APP.The major difference is that it allows video streaming from CLOUD STORAGE OR GOOGLE DRIVE DROPBOX too.It also has CODECS that Chromecast supports.It can be downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY STORE IN TWO VERSIONS.One is the FREE VERSION and another one is the PAID VERSION which is available in about $21.30 on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

MX Player

MX Player,It is the most popular and downloaded video player on the market application such as Google Play Store It is available for free there and it is easy to use as it is user friendly It has many features as it supports many formats of the video which makes it more useful for watching the High Definition videos for the user. It was the first software which includes the HW Decoder, HW+ Decoder and SW Decoder. It allows the user to pinch to zoom for increasing the size of the videos in the device .

It supports the Subtitles of the videos and children can watch their favourite videos of cartoon. It has various other options in the application you can share your videos on different platforms you just need to hold the video and you can share it on various platforms.

VLC Player

VLC player, It is the best and popular video player among the android smartphone users. It provides the different feature to the user on the single application The Duser can play the Videos, even if they have video URL . It has the feature for playing the videos of other formats like DVD ISOs. The user have the option to download and try the beta version of VLC player for other new features The user can play the Videos, Listen to Audios They can even check the played video history in VLC Player. It has the inbuilt codes which plays great role for making this application user friendly. It can be download and install in free of cost on Google Play Store.

Video Player All Formats

Videos Player All Formats, it is one of the player which has been over 5 millions of download and it is available in free of cost on Google Play Store. It supports all the formats of the videos  which includes Mp4,Avi,3gp,Ts,and many more. Which helps the user to play and enjoy the video in their android smartphone. It allows the user to play the 4k formats videos and Ultra Hd Videos in the smartphone of user. The user can easily manage and share the videos with this application. The user can keep their videos safe in the private folder. As it have some advertisements in the application but to get rid of them the user can pay the amount of $3.99 USd in prime membership.

Best Cricket Live Line apps for Android Sat, 10 Feb 2018 06:04:37 +0000  

Line cricket helps the user to enjoy the live cricket matches on their android smartphone or tablets . The user can download some line cricket applications to enjoy the live cricket match. It was basically made for the people who are away from the home and can not watch the cricket on television screen . So we have listed some of the best cricket live line application for android.

Cricket Live Line – CricFlame

Cricket Live line, it provides the fastest live line , the user can enjoy the live cricket faster than the television. It is faster than the other applications as compared. It updates the live score on time. It shows all the match odds . It has over 10 thousands of download . It was developed by cricflame and its download size is about 24 MB. The live match can be enjoyed with voice commentary and all the cricket updates ball by ball.

It also has the feature for user to get notifications of the match as per schedule. This app allows the user to check the Ranking of ICC team, stats and Records of the players. The user can also predict who will win and who will loss the game. There is cricket quiz in the application which helps the user to answer correct and gain the knowledge of their favourite player and many more. You can even follow your favourite IPL team in this application . You can also watch live matches of football,Tennis and horse racing,etc..

It is available for free on Google Play Store.

Cricket Line Guru : Fast Live Line.

Cricket Line Guru, It helps to provide the fast live cricket . It updates the match details and live scores time to time.In this application you will get the scorecard of the match , it gives the live update ball by ball. It shows the real time score and shows the exact update of upcoming cricket matches. It help the user to enjoy the highlights of the match they have missed in any chance. Helps to user to provide trending and latest news related to cricket. It alerts and notify the user for the match updates and score updates.The user can enjoy all types of cricket matches in the single application domestic or internation.

like- World Cup, World T 20, IPL, Asia Cup, BBL,Champions League, and lots of other cricket matches . It was developed by JaW ,and it has over 100 thousands of updates and it is available for free on Google Play Store.

Cricket Exchange ( Live Line )

Cricket Exchange, It is one the best live line application to enjoy the live match. It has over 100 thousand of download It was developed by the peace developer and its size about 4.11 MB . It is available for free on Google Play Store. Cricket Exchange helps to get the fast cricket live scores with the exact accurate odds and the cricket sessions. The user can enjoy the commentary of live match in multiple languages like Hindi and English.It shows the Ranking,Poll,Point tables, Fixture and many more .. The user can enjoy all the cricket matches in the single application which includes different tournaments of the matches like. Test Cricket,World Cup, IPL, ODi, T 20, Women League ,and much more.

Cricket FastLine

Cricket Fast Line, it is the great application for watching and enjoying the live matches of different tournaments.This application gives the live update to the user ball by ball. You can enjoy live matches of IPL, and ICC which is faster than all the other sources of watching the match.It even gives the pitch report to the user and gives the Forward Lambi,session ,weather report ,etc..

The user can enjoy all the domestic and internation matches like – IPL, Champion league, Asia Cup, ODi,etc,, It has over 100 thousands of downloads and it was developed by BSPL and it size about 5.70 Mb . This application can be download and install on Google play store at free of cost.

Congratulations,Now you know the best Cricket Live Line Apps for Android.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android Devices Mon, 05 Feb 2018 05:57:07 +0000   

YouTube is a VIDEO STREAMING PLATFORM.It is also a VIDEO CONTENT PROVIDER.It is very popular among all of you.You see a lot of videos everyday on YouTube.You can see the videos either by being online or by offline saving of the videos you like for FREE.It has got the largest collection of all types of videos.Sometimes,you might be wondering how to download the streamed videos of YouTube.To avoid buffering in the remote areas people might want to download the videos of youtube at once so that they can see them in the future wherever and whenever they want.

So,here are some of the best YouTube Downloaders for you which can YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO WAV OR MP3 FILES and eventually download and save them in your playlist:-

Instube Downloader

Instube is the latest video downloader for YouTube Videos with one of the USER INTERFACE and material design.Along with downloading the videos it lets you download the music files in android.Instube also supports Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,SoundCloud,SkyMovies,and so on.It can be downloaded free of cost from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Snaptube Downloader


Snaptube is one of the YouTube Videos and Mp3 files downloader which comes with mesmerizing and elegant user interface.It provides very easy interface through which you can download videos and mp3 files from online platforms such as YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,mthai,pagalworld,and so forth.You can download videos in more than resolutions and formats.Through its quick search bar you can easily search for the videos which you like and then download them eventually.You can download Snaptube for free from Google Play Store.


With the help of TubeMate you can download YouTube videos for free by following the steps given below:-

  • Download and install Tubemate YouTube Downloader in your Android Mobile Phone free of cost from Google Play Store.
  • Then launch the app to make it work further.
  • From its Homepage access Youtube and search and then open the video which you are looking for.
  • Click on the arrow pointing downwards which is present on the screen and then select the Resolution or format in which you want to download the youtube video.At last enjoy the downloaded videos.


Vidmate is a popular YouTube Video Downloader App for Android Devices.It has got very beautiful material design interface and is very easy to use.Through this app you can download videos and Mp3 files from YouTube,dailymotion,Soundcloud,Facebook and many more.

The features which distinguish it from other video downloaders are as follows:-

  • Automatic detection of videos before the downloading process.
  • Automatic resource links selection for videos to be downloaded.
  • Watching live TV on the app itself.
  • It can be downloaded for Free from the Google Play Store.



Videoder also has the same features as the other YouTube Video Downloader has.Besides,it supports downloading in Multiple Batch and contains in built Web Browser.It can be downloaded for Free from the Google Play Store. It was founded by Rahul Verma in the year 2013. It is the tool or application which allows the user to search the video using the different websites and can easily download the video or mp3 in their android smartphone.


TubeX is a YouTube Video Downloader Application which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and has almost the same features as the other Video Downloaders have.It also supports Multiple batch downloading and multiple video formats.